Freezer Cryo Super Pro

Freezer Cryo Super Pro

SKINthings Freezer - to remove pigmentation marks, fibromas, scars and warts

The handy, precise cryotherapy device at an affordable price



General information on cryotherapy



This is a local procedure, also called cryosurgery, and uses freezing techniques to destroy modified cells. The technique can either be used as a closed procedure by applying a cryoprobe externally directly onto the tissue or as an open procedure by inserting a cooling agent directly into the tissue - liquid nitrogen at -196 °C.


The working area has a temperature of -70°C to -200 °C. Such procedures are used in dermatology to remove tumours, warts (papilloma viruses), excess scar tissue (keloid) and various other tissue diseases or disorders.


Medical cryotherapy is also used for interventional therapies for other tumours, for example to treat liver metastases and possibly also in the case of lung or prostate tumours.


In the cosmetic field, we work at a temperature of -89° centigrade.


What areas of application are there?


       Layer-by-layer ablation of hypertrophic scars and thick keloid tissue (e.g. after an operation, acne)

       Removal of hyperpigmentation

       Destruction of bacteria in acne pustules

       Removal of fibromas (fleshy warts)

       Stimulation of wrinkle depth

       Fibroblast stimulation in pregnancy stretch marks

       Wart removal


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