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Microneedling seminar

The seminar comprises two sections:


1.     The theoretical section

This section provides general information on needling.

-                      How it started

-                      Processes in the skin

-                      Effects

-                      Range of possible applications

-                      Potential for combining with other applications

-                      Product training

-                      Marketing support


2.The practical section

In this section you practise your own application.

Particularly in the case of a new and intensive method like microneedling, it is essential to adopt  a hands-on approach to the procedure.

In the practical section you benefit greatly from your own experiences and from the reactions of your colleagues. You are then ready to make a start in your own institute.


-                      Which rollers for which skin types?

-                      Which products enhance the effect?

-                      How do I prepare?

-                      What happens afterwards?

-                      Where can I apply needling universally?

-                      Are there any contra-indications?

-                      How can I incorporate needling into my institute's range of services?

-                      Pricing


Working in groups, the priorities for individual institutes are identified; you also pick up plenty of information casually in the course of the event.


Seminar fee: €150 plus VAT;


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