SKINthings Tight 3x10ml

TIGHT  tones and firms parts of the body 3x10ml



·       Relieves stretch marks

·       Promotes fat reduction

·       Tightens the tissue

Key active ingredients

·       Chrysin – for the evacuation of waste products

·       Carnitine – to reduce fat

·       Caffeine – to stimulate cell metabolism

·       Macro hyaluronan – protects and nourishes the skin surface

·       Medium hyaluronan – acts on the layers of the epidermis

·       Micro hyaluronan – works deep into the skin;

smoothes, strengthens and moisturises deeply


·       Trickle directly onto the skin before and during needling; work in using the needleroller. Each treated area of skin can absorb up to two vials. The success of the treatment is enhanced considerably where the product is subsequently worked in using ultrasound (e.g. Skinthings Lifter)



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