SKINthings Matte 3x4ml

MATTE  counters skin blemishes and enlarged pores 3x4ml



·       Suitable for normalising sebaceous gland activity

·       Also combats skin blemishes

·       Moisturises the skin optimally

Key active ingredients

·       Hispagel – keeps the skin hydrated for hours

·       Pentylene glycol – another moisturising agent with an alcohol structure that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms

·       Oleanolic acid – normalises the process naturally and biologically

·       Nordihydroguaiaretic acid is a powerful antioxidant which combats the bacteria that cause acne

·       Panthenol helps to regenerate the skin by increasing the rate of cell division


·       Trickle directly onto the skin before and during needling; work in using the needleroller. The skin can absorb up to two vials per treatment (whole face). The success of the treatment is enhanced considerably where the product is subsequently worked in using ultrasound (e.g. Skinthings Lifter)



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