SKINthings Bright 3x4ml

BRIGHT  tissue formation for all skin types 3x4ml


·       Special preparation to help regenerate tired or prematurely aged skin

·       Suitable for skin in good condition (youthful skin, non-smokers, no use of medicines, no excessive exposure to sun)

·       Also suitable for skin in poor condition (older persons, smokers, medication users, sun exposure)

·       Moisturises all the skin thoroughly

Key active ingredients

·       Macro hyaluronan – protects and nourishes the skin surface

·       Medium hyaluronan – acts on the layers of the epidermis

·       Micro hyaluronan – triggers the production of peptide hormones in the skin

·       Diosgenin and genistein – support the production of peptide hormones in the skin; fibroblasts and collagen fibres are formed


·       Trickle directly onto the skin before and during needling; work in using the needleroller. The skin can absorb up to two vials per treatment (whole face). The success of the treatment is enhanced considerably where the product is subsequently worked in using ultrasound (e.g. Skinthings Lifter)




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